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Honda S2000 Luggage Trunk Rack : Boot-bag

honda s2000 trunk luggage rack boot-bag

Honda S2000 Luggage Trunk Rack. Innovative design. boot-bag is a waterproof luggage bag that attaches to your Honda's trunk lid using a unique strapping system. The bag sits on a non slip mat to protect your paintwork.  The straps don't damage the edge of the trunk-lid like a trunk luggage rack.

Why boot-bag Honda S2000 Luggage trunk rack ?

  • Fully Waterproof

  • Fits any Honda S2000 Trunk Lid

  • Attaches using soft webbing so no damage to paint

  • Sits on a soft non slip mat

  • UK made. But shipped to the USA no worries

  • Folds small for easy storage

  • No hooks or clips = no damage to paintwork

  • Manufactured since 2005





There are two sizes in the boot-bag range of Honda S2000 Luggage Trunk Racks :

boot-bag original  - approx $175 inc delivery   ( shown here ) -1.75 cubic feet of additional storage capacity. Boot-bag original measures 28"x15"x8"  The soft non slip mat the bag sits on is slightly bigger measuring 32"x16"

boot-bag vacation - approx $200 inc delivery  - 2.65 cubic feet of additional luggage capacity, its 50% larger than the boot-bag original measuring 36"x16"x8" The soft mat measures 37"x18"


Please watch the video to see how boot-bags work on the Honda S2000 in place of a trunk luggage rack.


About the boot-bag Honda S2000 trunk luggage rack.


Honda S2000 trunk luggage rack anti slip mattingBoot-bag sits on an anti slip matting this protects your Mercedes SL's paintwork the mat is 4mm thick, its 'squashy' and is 'anti slip' so it stays in place.







Honda S2000 trunk luggage rack zip detailsBoot-bag has a large flap that sits over the zip to ensure no water gets through the tiny holes in the zip. The zip has two buckles and can be padlocked for security.







Honda S2000 trunk luggage rack from top

All fixings are attached to two circles on the top of the bag, these are sown on then high frequency welded so no water can enter the bag, its fully waterproof ( check out our feedback and testimonials )







Honda S2000 trunk luggage rack strap details

The straps attach to the boot-bag using ladder lock fittings, these are found on rucksacks, bags etc. The harder the straps are pulled the tighter the joint becomes, as long as the straps are tight, the boot-bag is not going to move. The straps can each hold 500kg.







Honda S2000 trunk luggage rack on trunk lid

Boot-bag  has a detachable shoulder strap, so you can arrive at your destination attach and carry the bag off like a normal holdall.







Honda S2000 trunk luggage rack strap details

boot-bag  has no clips or hooks and simply attaches using webbing, no paint chips here ! The webbing won't move neither will the mat so there is no risk of any damage to your Honda's paintwork.





Boot-bag Trunk Luggage Rack Review :


This ingenious product described as the luggage rack evolved is a great alternative to the many solutions offered to address the limited trunk space in cars like out little Miata's...I would be very happy using this to handle luggage on a trip. The product is well made does not appear to be any kind of risk to the finish on any car presuming you use common sense...After 60 miles on public roads  I noticed only the expected loss of rearward vision. No movement or noise was evident on either the highways of the twisty roads...If you have been looking for a solution to more trunk space I highly recommend the boot-bag.

Curt Springstead, Review of boot-bag July 2013

Events Coordinator Delaware Valley Miata Club USA

Full review here


Here is one Honda S2000's owners feedback :

Hello Liza.  Thought this might be of interest.  Stayed on at up to 140mph fully laden with all of the stresses on the straps you’d imagine the ‘Ring’ would throw at it.  Obviously haven’t put the speed on the write up to the club in case it becomes a challenge to others, but it worked very very well and for staying put?  No problem, even on the Nurburgring Nordschleife which we popped into for a quick lap or two, the car remained completely loaded with the boot bag on the boot and it didn't move a muscle; certainly surprised and disappointed a gaggle of Porsche drivers (to be honest though I do know the track reasonably well after 12 years of 'popping by' so I did have an advantage.) Would definitely recommend it and use it again without hesitation. 

Best thing is the ease of removing the bag itself and popping it onto the seats whilst in towns... just in-case a thief with a knife wanted to sample the contents; it takes seconds to remove and equally to reposition if you leave the straps in place when you've taken to off.  Even then, to do the whole thing including repositioning the straps, say in the morning after a hotel stop, it is still only a few minutes. Well worth it; we sort of used it as a boot-case and took in to the hotels with us. 

Kindest regards

José Figueira 5.2.12



boot-bag on your car :

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Unique Innovative Trunk Luggage Rack Solution.

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